Volume 8, Number 1

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An Examination of Guilt, Shame, Empathy and Blaming Among a Sample of Incarcerated Male and Female Offenders

Arrick L. Jackson, Ashley G. Blackburn, Peggy Tobolowsky, and Dana Baer

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An Examination of Sexual Abuse and Suicide Ideation in Delinquent Females in the Texas Juvenile Justice System

Scott H. Belshaw

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Delivering Justice to the Mentally Ill: Characteristics of Mental Health Courts

Jim Mann

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The Transition of a Texas County from “Dry” to “Wet” and a Comparison of DWI Arrest Rates Before and After

Walt Scalen and Lee W. Payne

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Medical Marijuana in the News

Samuel G. Vickovic and Henry F. Fradella

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Major Determinants of Job Satisfaction Among Police Managers

Serhan Ercikti, Gennaro F. Vito, William F. Walsh and George E. Higgins

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Explainiing the Fear of Crime Among College Women, in their own Words

Carly M. Hilinski, Kindsey E. Pentecost Neeson and Heather Andrews

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