Volume 7, Number 1

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Doctoral Programs in Criminal Justice and Criminology: A Meta-Analysis of Program Ranking

Jon Sorensen and Jaya Davis

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Self-Protective Identity Theft Behaviors of College Students: An Exploration Using the Rasch Person-Item Map

George E. Higgins, Melissa L. Ricketts, Tom Hughes,
and Brian D. Fell

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Rape Lore in Correctional Settings:Assessing Inmates’ Awareness of Sexual Coercion in Prisons

Vidisha Barua Worley, Robert M. Worley, and Janet L. Mullings

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Reflections from the One-Percent of Local Police Departments with Mandatory Four-Year Degree Requirements For New Hires: Are They Diamonds in the Rough?

Diana Bruns

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Book Review

Hemmens Texas Prison Book Review Essay

Craig Hemmens, Boise State University

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